Setting Up Day One


I am not sure how I was able to spend almost 4 hours in my classroom today and barely get ANYTHING done! They still might get to paint my room, so I can’t set anything up yet. But I did start putting on my Fresh Felt Feet!

I saw this post about footies on the Art with Mr. E blog and finally tried it last year. My custodians loved it because it helped to not scrape up the wax on the floors. I loved it because it helped keep the noise down of moving chairs. It is noticeably quieter with the felt footies. I am sure you all know how noisy a Middle School art room can get with the energy and the all “collaboration” that goes on there. Having that one extra little noise can really get to me by a Friday afternoon. So I feel like all the cutting and rubber-banding work is worth it.

Last year I just used a bunch of purple felt I had laying around in my art studio at home. This year I bought the color wheel colors and I am matching my footies to the color of the table. I also hope to cover one of the ceiling tiles above each table with the matching color. Table folders will also match.

In addition to doing 4 tables worth of footies, I also reworked my calendar, designed and ordered my “artistic licenses” using Vista Print and starting looking at my old center posters. I measured my cupboard doors where the posters go so I can plan new ones. Then I emailed the mom of one of my students to see if she might like to come in and help me do some more setting up and poster making.

I get a little ADD when setting up and cleaning for that matter… So maybe that’s why it feels like I didn’t get anything done.