Artistic Habits Around the Room @ NAEA 2017

WOW! I am so humbled and grateful to the literally overflowing crowd that attempted to see my presentation today. I showed up at 10:10 to get set up for my 11 am session. There were already people in the room, but no one presenting so I thought they were waiting for a 10 am presenter that was running late… NOPE! they were there to get a seat early, because every single TAB Choice session has been packed to the ceiling. By 10:30 almost every chair was filled. I think it was a 50-60 occupancy room. By 10:50 there was a mass outside that could not get in, a dozen sitting on the floor in front of the chairs, another dozen down the aisle. PACKED.

This over crowding issue needs to be addressed by the NAEA organizers. I was in rooms that could fit 150-200 for sessions that had 12-25 attendees. I suggested that everyone that had the NAEA App check in to the session and post on the activity feed about the crowding. Over 52 people checked in and 35 made comments on the activity feed with pictures an complaints about not getting in!

I am so sorry! SO this post is for YOU ALL! The ones that couldn’t get in and the ones that want to review, digest and use it later.

and thanks for the kind comments on the activity feed…

“This session was awesome! It was great to hear from a tab/choice teacher who has a similar hand dealt…. large classes, extremely varying skill sets, new students all the time, etc! It makes me believe this CAN work in my setting!”

“Very awesome Presenter.   Knowledgeable on TAB to students and keeping them engaged.   Amazing ideas.   Thank you”

Need to know more?? comment here… find me on Facebook… join one of the many TAB related Facebook groups or go to the TAB institute.

Thanks for the amazing support and interest in my program!

(Thanks to midwest TAB members and attendees for the above pictures. Elizabeth J-B, Julz S and Jean B)

4 comments on “Artistic Habits Around the Room @ NAEA 2017

  1. Hi there! I didn’t get to see your presentation but im sure it was fantastic! I’m slowly trying to incorporate more TAB into my classroom. Would mind sharing your presentation with me? Thank you!