Drawing Center 2015

imageDrawing Center Update 2015

The drawing center is always opened first every year and every new semester. It has the basics, like pencils, pastels and markers in plastic tubs that can be taken to the tables. Laminated vocabulary picture word cards, that are specific to drawing, are posted on the cupboards along with center “menus” and samples of student work.

imageRulers and the main pencil sharpener is here. I bought a type that is supposed to handle colored pencils as well as graphite. I have replaced the blade, and this one is on its second year. We also have lots of hand sharpeners in the pencil boxes. So the electric one gets surprisingly little use.


It has laminated calendar pages for photo reference and lots of how to draw books. In addition to the typical how to draw books, I have binders of laminated pages that I have printed from the internet. Laminated calendar pages serve as colorful reference photos. I also have a box of still life objects. I wish I had some display shelves to put them on because kids don’t use them much, since they aren’t very visible.


All my centers are set up on the many counter tops that enclose my small room. Students take the materials they want to the nearest table.


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