Collage Center


The Collage Center ~An Overview~

By now you probably realize that TAB in most configurations is very “Center” oriented. This post is a collection of past posts and the ways my Collage center has been set up in various years.

The Collage Center contains a variety of papers. It consists of donated magazines, books, scrapbooking supplies, stickers and the like. Collage is one of my personal favorites and my main medium when I was a full time artist. So this center is dear to me. In the first years of this center, I would be very uptight about how tidy and organized it was. Thankfully, for my own piece of mind… I have let that go. Things haven’t changed much in this center over the years except for a few changes in how I store various papers. 

The Collage “Center” in 2020-2021

There was NO collage center in the Covid Hybrid classroom. Instead I just got out certain specific things when kids wanted to make something with paper. This worked fine in a class that is 95 mins long and only has 4-12 students at a time. But would not work at all for the typical classroom. 

Collage Center in 2014

This is the main location in the room for ALL scissors and glue types. It also include Tubs of colored paper, drawers of magazines and tissue paper, and little drawers of ribbon and trims. Again anything on the counter can be taken to the closest table. A lot of times kids like to just stand at the counter to work in this center, even though there isn’t much room. There are also 5 large colored drawers that are labelled and for student access. 

We open the collage center with “collage around the room” exploration activity.

Collage Center in 2007

My collage center has magazines, tubs of colored paper, a variety of scissors, glue, and hole punches. I use a cardboard shoe bin and plastic tubs to organize things on top of the counter. Kids bring things over to the near by table or occasionally work standing up at the counter.

Student Collage Examples from 2007-2021