Monitor, Reflect and Adjust

All good teachers Monitor, Reflect and then make Adjustments. The same is true of working in a TAB or Modified TAB classroom. Here are some of the adjustments I have made to this current studio challenge so far.

~But first, some of the Great ART that came out of the studio this week!~

Most students are humming along, getting done with challenges and earning points. I did a check in on points and determined that I needed to extend the unit a bit. Plus we are going into our STATE testing week… so the schedule for the next 2 weeks is going to be super wacky; I’ll see some kids on test days, but not others. So the unit has been extended to May 9th due to that. Most kids were relieved with that news since they are still below 50 points. Others are close to the finishing line already (points-wise) and will end up with EXTRA points. This is all fine, and just guides me to how to adjust next time around.

I also increased the number of points that sketchbook drawings are worth (from 1 each to 5 each) and provided a list of sketchbook challenges to help kids get ideas. Suddenly, I have a lot of kids doing tons of little sketchbook drawings. But now I think I need to limit the number of points they can earn with that boost. Mostly, I do want them experiencing more than one center and developing some craft, not just making one silly drawing after another. I think I will need to just do some individual coaching and push them past this phase.

This Week’s Mini-Lessons: Sketchbook Points changes, Photoshop lady Link Tutorial Info, Clean-up Reminders, Points check-in with High Scores and a discussion about how the kids with high scores were earning points and finished off the week with an optional show and tell (for a boost). week 2 mini lessons The kids seem frustrated by the mini-lessons, but I told them that the purpose was to clarify problems and misunderstandings that I see happening a lot and to give instruction on a topic if I get the same question over and over. While they understand the purpose, they just want to get to making art!

We looked at the calendar for the next 2 weeks so they would know which days they are testing and which days they will have art. I built in a documentation day and another show and tell day. There will be a day that they have a SUB, so that day will be for doing some “experience” boosts. (Reading articles etc.) Since at this point I still don’t trust them to do studio with a sub.


How do you  handle Sub plans in the Choice Studio?

What kind of mini-lessons do you want to hear more about?