What the Students say about Choices!

Today, at the end of each period, I asked my students what they thought of the unit so far. I told them how I am sharing this project with other teachers and that you all would love to hear what they had to say. I decided to give 5 bonus points to anyone that writes me up a short statement.

Here are a few of them along with an artwork by that student.

I think that this whole unit is a great experience for all of us so we can be on our own for a while and see what we can get better at and get a better expereinces in art. (KR)


Sculpture by AC

This unit is very fun because it lets us find other medias and see which ones we like. I have learned that I really like sculpture which I never knew I liked. (AC)



Panaroma by JH

My art soul can just be free. (JH)


Bedroom by EC

This is a Great opportunity for students to get to know the responsibilities of working like a real artist. (EC)


What do your students have to say about Choice?

Do you have a question you would like me to ASK MY STUDENTS? They would love to respond.

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  1. Hi Students!

    Do you have any exciting or interesting challenges for my TAB students? (ages 5-11)

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