Shoes: Morph or Message

The last big project of this year is a themed choice project called Shoes: Morph or Message. The last time I did shoes was with my student teacher 4 years ago. I think he mostly just had them do shoes. I added the layer this year of “Morph or Message” The idea is that the more literal, beginner artists could take the morph approach and my deeper more advanced artists could apply a message to their shoe.

This project is a tricky one with timing… so many of the kids choosing to draw a morph style shoe are finishing quickly! While others with a message or a 3-D shoe are taking much longer to create their work. So this became a work in a series type project. Once students are done with one shoe, they need to make another one. Same shoe in a different medium, or different shoe in the same medium, or all new. Luckily their planning packet had required a brainstorm list AND 2-4 thumbnails, so most of them had another idea in their pocket ready to go. At the deadline they can pick which of the shoes they want to turn in as their final grade. shoe020Alex