STEAM Choice Challenge

This year with my STEAM classes, I designed a STEAM Choice Challenge that is similar to my previous Choice Challenges. We JUST started so I don’t have much to share as far as progress or pictures go, but thought I would get these resources out there for interested people!

Favorite project so far is the Draw Bot 🙂 but no one has been successful in figuring  it out yet..

2 comments on “STEAM Choice Challenge

  1. THIS IS AWESOME! My administration started a rotation of enrichment classes at the end of the school day this year and I designed a similar class. The students met three times a week for 5 weeks and then cycled to another enrichment. With 25 minute sessions it was a bit hectic. The students that had been in my art room normally had a much easier time of it as they were used to the choice format. I’d love to edit your slideshow to fit my classes in order to give a clearer picture to the students who have never taken art but are in the class. Would that be okay? Thank you for sharing!