Student Reflections

31096629My favorite part of this artwork was i had fun making it and my least favorite part was moving all the textures into place because it was repetitive. I learned that a lot of of the best things are made up out of many smaller and finer parts. (A.F.)

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“Colors of the Rainbow” is made only from pictures and colors taken out of magazines. If I were able to remake this color wheel, I would have swapped the red-orange, and the orange. I would also find more blue-purple pictures to use. While creating this artwork, I learned how to tear magazine paper in order to create straighter lines, instead of a ripped picture. (T.Y)

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My favorite part of this piece of artwork was the lights I added above the road; my least favorite part was the overall structure of the bridge, as it looks unnatural and uneven.

One problem I had to solve was how to keep the pipe cleaners in place. I ended up using parts of toothpicks for that, taping them to the ends of the cleaners. In the photo, they’re visible around the bottoms of the bridge. (A.B.)

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My favorite part about this artwork is are the delicate and fragile snowflake. With the light blue color and and the dark blue outline, the snowflake seem to pop out more than the leaves and flowers. If I were to do this again, I would make the leaves pop out a bit more and add some orange and red leaves to represent the fall season. Some concepts I learned from creating this is what draws our attention to the artwork is what pops out the most:brightness, size, and location.

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