Week Two and Three Projects

Here is some more artwork from other students for Weeks 2 and 3 for the 2014 Studio Choice Challenge

Student Spotlight

This student loves collage, so it wasn’t a surprise that she wanted to get into that center quickly. She did need to wait for an open spot because a bunch of boys filled the center on the first day. But she was patient, did some other centers and even prepped ahead drawing out her plan on cardstock, until I went ahead and expanded the table count to include her. She has been doing vocab cards for all the sections and then even wrote a tutorial on how to do the collage color wheel. When I asked her to type it up for me to use it in my sample book, she did it at home and emailed it to me that afternoon. She prefers working with her best friend, and I usually have to separate them when doing teacher directed style lessons. But they are thriving together and getting lots of great work done; sitting next to each other at every center they go to. Their talking so far has been enhancing their progress not hindering it. Of course this could change next week, since as besties they sometimes get in fight and won’t speak to each other for a week or two.


Collage L.2 Color Wheel Tutorial by S. H.

1.) Grab card stock paper from collage center

2.) Write heading on back of paper

3.) make a color wheel with six sections and label it with read, orange, yellow, green, purple, blue sections

4.) find clippings of magazines  of colors you want in your color wheel

5.) glue in  the clippings to the color section they belong to

6.) Done ! (: