TAB Colorado


January 19-20, 2019

TAB 8 Conference

Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design 
Keynote Speakers: Julie Toole & Cynthia Gaub

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Cynthia Gaub has been Teaching FOR Artistic Behavior in a variety of modified and full-choice ways since 2004. Her middle school students vary from year to year in her urban, high poverty, high English Learner and high special education population… so the way she offers choices changes with them. Blogging and Presenting at state and national conventions since 2000, she has packed out rooms for her “Around the Room” presentations in many locations. She has shared her lessons, student art and games on as well as publishing in many arts education magazines, and contributing to TAB books, including “Studio Habits” and “Engaging Learners.” As she transitions from Washington Art Education Associations’s Co-president into the NAEA Choice Interest group’s Co-president Elect, she will begin to share her techniques and TAB style in other states. For Colorado, she will share her journey with TAB and Choice from the beginning till now.