I Learned….

Final Reflections for 8th graders with the 2nd choice challenge of the semester. I learned how to not give up when you make a mistake. I learned that art takes time. Hair dryers can burn you and crayons are hard … read more

Art Lessons


Published in Splatter

The WAEA Quarterly Publication is humming along in it’s 6th issue. I have been honored to be the editor and ‘founder’ of this wonderful addition to our state association. Click here to download the magazine and read the full article. Check … read more

Teacher Resources


End of Year Clean Up

The Art of Ed had a great post this week that reminded me that I needed to start thinking about end of year clean up. Luckily I have 3 amazing 8th grade TA’s this year who will be doing most … read more

Student Work


Youth Art Month

Our state’s YAM show is held at the Schack Art Center. It is a small show sponsored and organized by the WAEA. (Washington Art Education Association) Last year is the first time I entered work in this show.  I am … read more