What I Learned

I did an end of year survey (anonymous) for the students… I am just now looking at the results. One of the questions I asked this year, was for them to explain something they learned. A concept, idea, vocabulary term.. anything.

Here are some responses.

About Clay:

I learned that when trying to do a really big and risky clay project you really have to make sure you attach things really will or it will explode.

Slip is like a glue for clay.

I learned that if you scratch clay to make it similar to Velcro and then attach it to another piece of clay it will stay together better than if you didn’t put them together like that. (I learned this the hard way.)

About How Artists Work:

I learned that persisting is really a huge part of art. You can never give up. If you mess something up you have to keep going and turn your mistakes into something beautiful.

Take your time when doing a art project

I learned a lot of things. For example, I learned was that being in the art work room can help us grow till your in college.

About Drawing in perspective: (our required state assessment for 8th grade)

For me, absolutely perspective. Before this semester, I never actually drew a perspective piece. So, it was new and unfamiliar. As a result of this, I payed special attention to the tutorials and practices so I can get a accustomed to the awkward style. Even though I hadn’t performed a perspective drawing before, since I payed attention, I was actually able to combat three-point perspective. I was easily able to comprehend the composition of how vanishing points or something else related to the concept. For example, I understood that farther objects are possessing less detail. So, an object that was closer relative to the you would require more feasible lines to stand out

I learned a lot about perspective like how putting your vanishing point in different spots affects how your building look

One art skill that I learned this year is what three point perspective drawing is, i used to only know one point but after learning three point I learned that you can make something that is not how you would see it in real life but still looks realistic and really cool.

About Paint:

I learned how to do suminigashi art. Even though it only took like 5 minutes to do, I loved how easy it was and I loved the outcome.

I learned that tempera and acrylic don’t mix well

I learned spray paint can ruin a stencil if you use too much

About Shading and Value:

To make things seem more realistic you can add shading

Value the most, because value is basically the shading. I never really realized how much value matters in a drawing.

I learned ways to mix oil pastels so it doesn’t look sloppy

About Computers:

I learned that computers are infuriating

That when you 3-D print you don`t put the object threw the blue work place or it will be floating when it gets printed

What I learned in Art this year is that you can do fun stuff with Paint(Computer) and do more than just make scribbles.

About Drawing Faces:

I learned that eyelashes are split in 4 ways and that they all have different lengths. (As for I made my eyelashes super long)

I learned that when drawing a face the nose and ears and eyes all have alignments that connect to each other .

I learned that noses rely heavily on shading.