ArTecTivity Podcast #1

collage example

Our first podcast is finished and many more will be on the way when we return from break. Each student in my 8th grade Digital and Video arts classes have selected an art related segment topic to research, write, record and edit. We are off to winter vacation with a few great segments completed. When we return we will be finishing up many more exciting segments for complete podcasts. So check back in January for more art fun!


In this Episode:

  • Jael tells us how to make a collage in “The Meaning of a Medium
  • Heather shares her steps for creating a clay dog sculpture in a segment called “In the Studio
  • Paige shares career information about professional printmaking for our “Careers in Art” Segment. Tune in to a future episode when she has a live interview with a person who works in this career.
  • Tanner explains why his sketchbook is his “Favorite Project
  • Leobardo tells in both English and Spanish how to draw a truck in our “How to” segment
  • Anna and Emily create a mock interview with famous artist Bridget Riley for our segment of “Artist Interviews

We would love to have you comment and let us know what you think of our podcast!

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5 Responses to ArTecTivity Podcast #1

  1. yuliya says:

    wow…i liked how in the begining there was that small voice saying “creativity” and i liked how the backround music always matched what you guys were saying or talking about!

  2. haley says:

    i liked the begining

  3. isayah says:

    i liked the music

  4. tristan says:

    I liked the music and it was very full of art learning and what not

  5. andrewm says:

    i really liked how the little voice said art a couple times in the begging and how the background music went with what you guys were saying.

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