ArTecTivity Podcast #2

Each student in my 8th grade Digital and Video arts classes have selected an art related segment topic to research, write, record and edit.

In this Episode:

  • Matt takes a walk around Everett to describe some famous public art sculptures 
  • Clarissa shares some funny stuff in our “Art Jokes” segment
  • Brady gives use an “Art Timeline” about prehistoric cave paintings
  • Lynn tells us about Texture in “The Elements and Principles” segment
  • Austyn looks up what some famous artists have to say in “Notable Quotables

We would love to have you comment and let us know what you think of our podcast!

15 comments on “ArTecTivity Podcast #2

  1. Here is my podcast evaluation:

    Matt- I could undertand him very well and the topic was interesting. It was kind of fun to have seen the art in real life and then hear about it and know exactly what he was talking about. The music improved the podcast. The only problem was that he talked kind of quite sometimes.

    Clarissa- It was a bit hard to understand her sometimes but overall it was good. The topic was interesting but I would suggest putting in a few more jokes. The mucis was cool because it fit the joke being told.

    Brady- He spoke very clearly so it was easy to understand and the topic was an interesting one. The music added and it would be cool if there was a follow-up podcast with more on this subject.

    Lynn-She talked very fast so it was hard to understand her. Because i could not understand her, it is hard to say if the topic was interesting or not. The music was good.

    Austin- He spoke clearly but he seemed like he was not very sure what he was saying, like he didn’t practice. The music added and fit the podcast well and the topic was interesting.

    There is my podcast evaluation! :)))


  2. I liked the music a lot.

    Advise I have for Autsin and Lynn is that when your reading or talking, it would be easier for the person to understand you if you speak more clear and slower. But besides that, great job to all of you!!

  3. I loved the music! all of you really said some interesting things, i actually learned something new! Heres a tip, talk a bit more slowly and clear, other than that, I think you all did a great job and I can’t wait to hear your next podcast!

  4. I really liked the music. I liked the topics, they were very interesting. I liked how Clarissa told jokes. It was cool how Matt told about the statues in Everett. I liked when Brandy told us about cave drawings. I liked how Lynn spoke quickly and clearly. I will be listening to your next prodcast!

  5. The jokes were weird !
    Haha, but it was funny like how the girl was like in a super calm voice so like it kinda ruined the funny.
    Well that was coool.


  6. I like it when you say details about things you were saying about! The music betwwen
    podcast sound good pause between podcast!!

  7. I liked the music in the podcasts.I thought that the statues around Everett was good and I liked how I could relate to the art. I never really thought about the mediums of the art so I thought that was interesting. Heres a suggestion, talk a little slower and louder but other than that it was cool.

  8. Hey, that was pretty good, guys. But maybe next time, maybe you could talk a little clearer. The music was really good!

  9. I like how each podcast was very clear and had good descriptions of what had been going on, also i like how the sound added effects.