Evaluating Our Podcasts

Each time we complete a podcast you will need to evaluate the content and turn in a review sheet. The following questions need to be answered about each segment.

1) Can you understand the person speaking? Notice and comment on the following things:

  • the speed(too fast or too slow)
  • the tone (is it a natural sounding voice, boring, or robot sounding)
  • the pitch (too low or too high) 
  • the volume (too quiet or too loud)

2) Was the topic interesting? Notice and comment on the following things:

  • Did the person seem excited about their topic?
  • Did they give questions and answers that were facutal but interesting?

3) Did the music and sound effects improve the segment? Notice and comment on the following things:

  • Was the intro or background music louder than the talking and make it hard to hear the intro or segment?
  • Did the sound effects fit the topic and add to the segment?

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  1. This was fun! I thought the kids did a great job. Sometimes they spoke a bit fast but great job for first try!

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