Chuck Close Field Trip

IMG_0547For the first time since I have taught at North… I have been able to take my ART students on a field trip to an ART Gallery. We were so excited to have the CHUCK CLOSE PRINTS: Process & Collaboration, come to our little, old town of Everett.

We spent the week before the Thursday trip learning about printmaking and Chuck Close. We watched several short videos, wrote down some vocabulary, learned about proper museum behavior and did a postcard activity that I learned at last year’s “School For Art Leaders.”

Luckily, the Schack Art Center is close by so we avoided a lot of bus expenses by walking the 1.2 miles each way. We are also fortunate to have a wonderful police force that supports us with an escort, blocking off streets as we cross. The kids felt very special…literally stopping traffic on our way.

Once we got there the groups split off. Some had a docent led tour of the gallery show, which also included a trip into the printmaking studio to see an artist making mono-prints. The other group went into one of the classrooms to make some 4 x 5 Styrofoam face prints.

After the trip, we did our annual teacher portrait unit… with an twist of trying to use the style and methods of Chuck Close to make the portraits. Finished images are on our Artsonia here. 



This unit is way more teacher directed than most of my themes… but you might still like some of these resources.

Chuck close Portrait unit agenda

Chuck Close Worksheet (modified)

Chuck Close Worksheet

teacher portrait choice WS

Field Trip Reflection