The Paint Center: 2007

The Paint Center contains a variety of paint and painting materials that students can use to both create 2-D artwork and to finish their 3-D creations with color and style. Before the paint center is opened we have a class lesson about PAINT and have a tour of proper set-up and clean-up procedures. This will be followed up during the next few days with quick demos on different types of paints and painting brushes, tools and surfaces. Sixth graders are required to make a color wheel using ONLY the 3 primary colors and mixing a 12 color wheel.

Types of Paints available include: Tempera Paint; Watercolor (both tubes and pallets) Paints; Acrylic Paints; Fabric Paints. (Only the tempera paints are out for daily use and other paints are brought out for special projects or by request of the student.)

Types of TOOLS  available include: many sizes and variations of brushes, paint combs, foam sponges and brushes, as well as random kitchen objects that make great tools… like a PIZZA cutter, potato masher, spray bottles, squit bottles and plastic bottle lids.

We often see many abstract experimentation with color mixing and discoveries of how different brushes work, a LOT of name posters, hearts and flowers. Students get very excited once the “Splatter Box” comes out. We also have paint combs, squirt bottles, foam sponges

Once the center is set up again in the 2009 Fall I will post new pictures of my center set-up, project storage and menus.

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