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Week One Projects

This student was in a group of boys at the drawing center trying to do still-life for the first time. They had been playing with my box of bones, bottles and stuffed toys that I have for still-life and trying … Continue reading

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Paper Mache

6th and 7th grade students are creating a “creature” with a partner out of paper mache. 2014 Paper Mache unit Student Info Slide Show  

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All About Sculpture

Definition:  Sculpture is any art that is 3-DIMENSIONAL using a technique of adding or taking away from a 3-D form.  A sculpture (medium) can be made from: EARTH: clay, wood, sticks, marble, stone, dirt, rocks, sand, snow, ice, bone, cement, … Continue reading

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The Sculpture Center: 2007

The Sculpture Center contains a variety of  reusable and recycled materials that students can use to build 3-D objects. Before the sculpture center is opened we have a class lesson on WHAT is sculpture. We look at tons of slides … Continue reading

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