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Time Challenge

Using themed challenges in a modified choice classroom continues to be the right balance between freedom and structure that my students need. Those that want to stretch and go beyond have the room to do so and those that can’t … read more

2011-2012 Themes

I have already been thinking about themes for next year, especially after the NAEA conference. “Celebrate Diversity” the PTA theme of course. Teacher Portraits:  The teacher portraits with the 7th graders went SO well this year I am going to … read more

2010-2011 Themes

In my middle school studio classroom, we use the TAB model and media related centers to create artwork based on themes. I really like this way of guiding students to create art because it mimics a lot of real life … read more

Beauty Is…

The 2009-2010 Theme for the PTA Reflections Contest was “Beauty is…” Here are a few of the student creations for this contest. Title: Beauty is nature Medium: I used colored pencils because it’s easier to color in detail I learned … read more