The Sculpture Center: 2007

The Sculpture Center contains a variety of  reusable and recycled materials that students can use to build 3-D objects. Before the sculpture center is opened we have a class lesson on WHAT is sculpture. We look at tons of slides of art work made in every 3-D medium possible. The favorites are always the recycled materials and the FOOD!

We often see many robots, cars and houses as well as some things that can not be described.

Once the center is set up again in the Fall I will post new pictures of my center set-up, project storage and menus.

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1 Response to The Sculpture Center: 2007

  1. judy harney says:


    I’m in a new studio classroom this year as we just renovated one of our old buildings. Now i have the opportunity to design the studio for TAB. I am not an expert when it comes to sculpture so i could like to see some ways of how to store materials and what kinds of poster/visuals to post. The studio environment needs to be kept clean and neat if at all possible.

    Thanks and looking forward to talking with you soon.


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